December 1, 2016 – Miami, Florida  – Coral Reef Senior High School is hosting an event from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. that impacts young people in the community HIV/AIDS Assemblies for 400 high school and college students, featuring Survivor-Motivational Speaker Ms. Tijuana Kelly.  The purpose of the event is to empower young people to take steps to protect themselves, while simultaneously leading safe and wholesome life-styles that will minimize their risk to this disease.   The Observance of the World AIDS DAY CELEBRATION has the potential to be a life-changing, wake-up call to students holding on to a false sense of security.  The sponsoring organization wants to use this initiative to inform students that it can happen to them, but it does not have to.

In the United States 56,000 Americans are infected with HIV every year.  Fifty percent of the HIV infections occur in young people under the age of 25, with an estimated 20,000 or more young people infected annually.  (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2001).  AIDS is A GLOBAL HEALTH ISSUE that is known to be the most fatal sexually transmitted disease of our life time.  HIV/AIDS infections are on the rise young women.   The key to prevention is through knowledge and instilling precautious ideals among young people.

Ms. Tijuana M. Kelly is an HIV Advocate, Model, Inspirational Speaker, HIV Tester and counselor.  Ms. Kelly is also the woman behind Primexperience Support group for Women Infected and Affected by HIV.

Ms. Kelly did not volunteer to become an HIV Advocate, but because of her own ignorance about the disease and how one might become infected, she later found her own life being consumed by the Preventable Deadly disease.

Ms. Kelly unashamedly admits to thinking she did not have to worry about HIV/AIDS.  Like many, she did not educate herself on how HIV/AIDS was transmitted, and because of her lack of knowledge, lack of self-respect, insecurities and unhealthy self-esteem, she was involved in toxic relationships.

Now because of the choices she has made, Mrs. Kelly is one of the many statistics: Young Black American Female with HIV.

Ms. Kelly’s goal is to cultivate relationships not only within her community, but across the globe to educate and inspire other to make good choices.  She also wants to help those who have not made good choices, by equipping them with tools to cope while dealing with consequences of their actions.  Ms. Kelly currently works single handedly in communities where at-risk populations are prevalent.

Ms. Tijuana Kelly is making it her business to help show the number of statistics down by “Speaking out, educating others and dismissing the myths and ignorance, especially within the Black Communities.