March 3, 2017 – Ocala, Florida – Florida Public Service Association (FPSA) members of the Legal and Public Affairs Academy at Coral Reef Senior High School are showing their awards earned during the State Competition. The Honor Guard:  Parmie Dean, Brandon Naranjo, Jordyn Turner, Jayla Burton, Sarah Borrero, Malka Trujillo, and Danieska Lopez and Parliamentary Procedures Team:  Hannah Llende, Jane Perez, Sebastian Ranut, Damon Veras, Emily Olson, Angelica Almanza, and Benjamin Caserta) took First Place.  Angelica Almanza received First Place in CPR, Damon Veras took First Place in Extemporaneous Speaking and Dina Thomas earned a $500.00 scholarship to Johnson and Wales for her Third Place finish in Extemporaneous Opening Statement. Lionel Esperance earned First Place in Obstacle Course and Annabelle Colon won Third Place in Obstacle Course. William Garcia earned Third Place in Prepared SpeakingMax Tamayo, Megan Lichtman, Christian DeLao and Annabelle Colon earned Third Place in Building Search. Thomas Hodgins, Joshua Defreitas and William Garcia earned First Place for the Prison Project.  Other winners include:  Danieska Lopez, Victoria Briz, Daniela Rodriquez, Andres Vargas, Karl Pridemore, Michael Guerra, Dylan Heimer, Annabelle Colon, Malka Trujillo, Angela Olave, Nicole Ramirez, Natalie Boix, Vickie Avalo, and Gaby Hernandez. The team is led by Ms. Tina Cushnie, outstanding Academy Teacher.

Founded in 1990 as the Florida Association of Public Service Students (FAPSS), the Florida Public Service Association, Inc. (FPSA) is a public service driven career technical student organization (CTSO) recognized by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE).

As a CTSO, FPSA provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) education and careers in the criminal justice, law studies, firefighting, public administration and teaching assisting through career development events.

As an association, FPSA provide students with academic, general employability, problem-solving, technical and occupation-specific skills to meet the demands for a career in public service.

Photo below: Winners with Ms. Marinka Stuvel, Lead Teacher and Mr. Thomas Ennis, Principal